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We dedicate this page to our Sisters, Mothers, Aunts, Neighbors, Friends and other Loved Ones who have not survived the complications of their breast implants ... please visit our Memorial Webpage.

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The FDA Scientific Fairness for Women Act (HR 2503) would take politics out of women’s health decision-making at FDA by:

Rescinding approval of silicone breast implants if the manufacturers cannot conclusively demonstrate their safety for the life of the implant;


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Silicone Smokescreen


Ilena Rosenthal ©1997


The Silicone Smokescreen

The purpose of law
is to prevent the strong from
always having their way.

~~Ovid, 43 BC -- 18 AD

Ovid must be spinning in his grave!

For 35 years, silicone manufacturers have been selling harmful breast implants -- products the FDA never approved. (update: in November, 2006, after 40 years, the FDA caved in to industry demands and gave 'safety approval' with many unenforceable conditions to Inamed & Mentor for silicone breast implants. Dr. Sidney Wolfe said it best: The approval makes a mockery of the legal standard that requires “reasonable assurance of safety.”)

Following in the footsteps of their cousins --The Tobacco Barons -- the mighty Dows and other silicone manufacturers have run roughshod over the legal system. They followed the winning formula:

Bury all incriminating evidence. Deny its existence. Make the victims prove your product is not safe.

Even then, deny it.

Put profit over human life.

Deny it.

Create an incestuous relationship with the AMA and the FDA.

Deny it.

Hire expensive PR firms to sway public opinion.

Purchase favorable media with mega-advertising dollars.

Deny it.

Sell sex.

Above all, create a "smokescreen" to confuse and confound the issue and protect your bottom line. Repeatedly claim that "there is no scientific proof that smoking (or silicone) causes" disease."

It's easy.

Human beings make lousy lab rats. Tobacco has honed this formula beautifully for well over 50 profit-filled years. We've really "come a long way, baby."

However, it wasn't until October 1996 (Science, October 18) after thousands of studies and tens of millions of smoking-related deaths, that medical science was able to identify a "missing link" between smoking and lung cancer.

Finally, proof. By then was there any doubt?

Already, a half a million Americans were dying annually from smoking related diseases.

"Tobacco science" had proven what everyone has known for decades.

Since the 60's, the silicone manufacturers, claiming no culpability, out of court and out of the public eye, s'ettled thousands of cases of implant problems with "gag" orders which kept their "dirty little secrets" hidden.

When one brave woman, Mariann Hopkins, refused to be silenced and took her case to jury, former San Diegan Dan Bolton dropped a bombshell on the jury and produced vast amounts of damning evidence from Dow's own files.

Included were concealed studies showing how for years, Dow Corning knew, denied and hid the serious dangers. Dow lost all appeals, and the Supreme Court eventually upheld the verdict of fraud.

One of the studies that surfaced was the Dow sponsored, 1975 ACTA from Sweden which indicated that silicone crosses the placental barrier. As far reaching as this fact is, to date, physicians nationwide continue to assure implanted women that it is perfectly safe to carry and nurse babies. Not one OB/GYN can tell me on what scientific studies these assurances are based. None exists.

Retired professor of Health Education, Henrietta Farber is appalled at the lack of information given women today as to the true risks of implants. A survivor of double mastectomies and a series of disastrous implant surgeries, she is shocked that Dr. Anne Wallace, UCSD Plastic Surgeon, still quotes small, manufacturer financed studies as "proof" of implant safety. "Similar studies, could not have shown any correlation between smoking and cancer. Dr. Wallace ignores newer studies indicating that 34% of post mastectomy patients required additional surgery within the first five years after implantation." Dr. Wallace, whose recent lecture aired on UCSD-TV, described saline implants as "bags of water," never mentioning the fungus, mold and bacterial infections known to flourish in these degradable silicone envelopes. Mrs. Farber added, "Over 33,000 women have filed complaints of serious complications to the FDA about their saline implants. People believe incorrectly that they have been approved by the FDA for safety."

However, on KNSD-TV, "Dirty Doctor" Dean Edell, describes saline implants as "perfectly safe, perfectly fine." He has also been heard proclaiming that he hopes that "implanted women never get a penny" from the makers of their defective products. Oh yes, the pennies.

Dow spent $191 million defending itself in the three years prior to declaring bankruptcy in 1992 and crashing the huge class action suit.

Meanwhile, while safely in "bankruptcy protection" Dow Corning enjoyed profits of $61 million in 1996, while Papa Dow Chemical earned $452 million in the first quarter of 1997.

Concurrently, here in San Diego County, there are estimated hundreds of women with no funds to have their disintegrating and ruptured implants removed. Many are too ill with multiple autoimmune diseases to care for themselves and their families.

Brilliant as they were, The Dows made some early serious calculation errors as to "cost benefit." Using strategy modeled after the exploding Pinto gas tanks, as the numbers of ruptured implants surfaced, they hid the details and continued to claim falsified rupture figures of only 1-5%.

Well-respected UCSD Radiologist, Dr. Michael Middleton, presented details of research done on 1,200 women to the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in November, 1995. He explained that in these studies on women implanted between 10 and 12 years, "The rupture rate for non polyurethane-coated implants was 31%, compared to 91% for polyurethane-coated implants." The latter were taken off the market in 1991 after it was discovered that the polyurethane breaks down to TDA, a known carcinogen. I've heard of no women, however, who received a "recall notice."

The infamous class action suits have been brilliant stalling devices to keep the money where the manufacturers want it. Mentor Corporation of Santa Barbara, threatening bankruptcy, forced all recipients to settle with a "take it or leave it" offer. Their 1996 earnings were $23.8 million.

One of their customers, a 43 year old San Diegan woman who had had 3 sets of failed implants, Mentor¹s being one, has now reluctantly been forced into receiving public assistance. She has had 12 implant related surgeries, has accumulated over $120,000 in medical bills, and lives in constant pain. Her total settlement from Mentor -- $379.90.

"It is unbelievable to me, that women dying, and those who will suffer agonizing pain for the remainder of their lives are barred from seeking legal recourse through our court system." For this reason, explains Joan Huffman, Executive Director of La Jolla based Research Update, they have sponsored Assembly Bill 1609, which recently received an affirmative vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee. "Women harmed by breast implants deserve access to the court system."

"Silicone Science" like "Tobacco Science" can rage in controversy for decades. And just like tobacco, the evidence is the victims and their failed health. They know now what science may not figure out (or admit to) for years. With insurers such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield denying benefits to "women with a history of implants," this is a public health catastrophe in the making. And the tax payer, as always, will have to pick up the tab.

May Ovid rest in peace.


Ilena Rosenthal ©1997



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Please view excellent video by implant survivors:

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