QuackWatchWatch ... Dr. Robert Sinaiko Victory!


Quis custodiet ipses custodies?

Who will watch the watchers?


The issue of who is a Medical Expert and who is not can determine the outcome of many difficult and controversial cases.

I have read much about the Quackwatch Team doing all they can through legal means and by Smear Campaigns forcing their industry backed conclusions about various Experts whose medical opinions vary from theirs.

Here is a VERY IMPORTANT ruling in Dr. Sinaiko's case regarding Expert Witnesses.

Click here to open a pdf where the Court admits they were wrong to exclude Medical Experts who backed Dr. Sinaiko's theories.


Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients

August-Sept, 2005  by Jule Klotter

The California Medical Board dropped all action against Robert J. Sinaiko, MD, on February 17, 2005.

His medical license is clear and in good standing.

The Medical Board accused him of "departure from the prevailing standard of practice."

Dr. Sinaiko, who is board-certified in allergy, was criticized for using Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization and for treating patients for Candida overgrowth. Dr. Sinaiko, in his own words, has "a huge passion for working with children, especially children with ADHD and autism." The Medical Board disregarded briefs submitted by amici curiae and prestigious medical experts who testified at Dr. Sinaiko's original hearing--including a brief filed by the Center for Public Interest Law and one from Phil Lee, MD, a retired Assistant Secretary of Health. Shortly after the original hearing, Governor Gray Davis appointed Lee as his primary health advisor, and Lee disbanded the Medical Board and appointed a new one. According to the Court of Appeal, the Medical Board violated Dr. Sinaiko's due process rights when it ignored the amici curiae briefs.

In his letter to consumer advocate Tim Bolen (www.quackpotwatch.org), Dr. Sinaiko wrote, "Recent data compiled by the Center for Public Interest Law show that we beat the odds. Only 5 out of 75 petitions for reconsideration are [sic] granted by the Medical Board. Our case was one of them. For the past three years, at the appellate level, only 2 out of 19 prevailed against the board." His case was one of the two.


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Thank you so much for your interest.

I've never met Dr. Sinaiko personally though I've heard many wonderful things about him as a scientist, a doctor and a man.

I wish to congratulate him for the important decisions for medical freedom that came out of his valiant court battles. He prevailed after the years and years of media and legal attacks against him.

Very important changes on testimony of Medical Experts came with this hard fought, painful and very expensive vindication.

Bravo to Dr. Sinaiko and all his many, many Supporters who stood behind him all the very difficult years.

Ah ... his Victory.

I first became aware of the seemingly unbearable attacks against him from a beautiful sister from my breast implant support group. Click here for our Breast Implant Awareness work.

Dr. Sinaiko was her physician and she asked my help in the horrific
harassment he was under she loved and respected this wonderful healing physician. His time for healing his patients had been for the most part replaced defending himself in a War of Medical Philosophies.

He had also helped several women she knew ... with MCS and other difficult to treat and diagnose diseases that implanted women frequently suffer from.

Dr. Sinaiko's views as a respected Medical Doctor, were 180 degrees off from the American Council of Science & Health and Barrett's Quackwatch and were the reason he was under such attack.

After around 7 years of Hell ... Dr. Sinaiko won in the courts and in the Medical Board.

But on the internet, Quackwatch's discredited Stephen Barrett keeps all the now discarded theories of Dr. Sinaiko's guilt posted for any who google Dr. Sinaiko to read.

My personal experience with Barrett's Smear Campaigns is that when he loses in court ... he makes sure that his lopsided and biased attacks are given plenty of airplay. I do not agree with his account on the case he lost to me. My experience and links to the court rulings, not his so-called 'expert' opinion is here.

At great expense, Dr. Sinaiko had to fight an epic battle ... and prevailed.

Please see his clean and well deserved Medical Record here.

For a rebuttal to the Disinformation put out by Barrett, click here.

The Good Guys Won! Click here.

What happened to the Prosecutor who failed? Click here.

California Appeals Court, in Sinaiko Case, Stomps Quackbusters... Click here.

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your support all these years, both financial and personal.

As most of you know, Dr. Sinaiko won at the Appellate level. The Appellate Court had ruled that the Superior Court ruling was overturned and the Medical Board would have to hear the case again under orders to accept the testimony of Dr. Sinaiko's witnesses. The Medical Board delayed and delayed, and we were beginning to wonder if they were never going to hear his case again ....... but finally they agreed to withdraw all their charges ... as though it never happened .... in return for which Dr. Sinaiko agreed not to sue them.

If you look at the Doctor Finder website now, at http://www.medbd.ca.gov/Lookup.htm you will see there is nothing negative on there. Like it never happened.

It almost seems anticlimactic to end the long battle so quietly, but the importance of this case cannot be underestimated. It was a catalyst, a watershed case, which has changed the history of medicine in California -- and thereby the whole country. There is a new law in California which no longer allows a doctor to be persecuted for using alternative medical treatments; the California Medical Association has stood up for the rights of a doctor, opposing the authority of the Medical Board; even the national medical magazines Medical Economics and The Townsend Letter ran major articles supporting Dr. Sinaiko and raising awareness of the criminal behavior of the Medical Board. We fervently hope that this lesson in accountability will not be so easily forgotten by the new members of the Medical Board.

It is now Spring, and Easter, a time of rebirth and new hope. It's an appropriate time to win a case like this.

Best wishes,

Shula Edelkind
Feingold Association

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