Update on 2.8.2005

Mark S. Probert has continued his internet assaults on me while claiming that he was never disbarred, never an attorney, and that I am crazy.

He initially attacked me right afterStephen Barrett, Terry Polevoy, & Christopher Grell lost to me in a now classic SLAPP suit. Details here

He seems to believe that his constant attacks on me should go unresponded to and any defense to his lies is "stalking."

He claims he is my victim and has accused me of stalking his family.

The fact is that he attempted to infiltrate my support group disguised as a female, called my home / office and threatened me.

Interestingly, his teammate, Terry Polevoy, was also caught disguised as a female on Usenet -- attacking me and others he is suing.

I mistakenly waited for another few years before I contacted Probert's wife (see letter below) ... though I realize now I should have contacted her immediately upon his constant intrusions into my life.

I have never stalked him, though he repeats this libelous claim practically daily.

Probert now has Betty (Mrs. John) Wirsen repeating his lies for him, claiming that her research shows he was never disbarred.

Their story is that there are two Mark S. Probert's, both formerly of  Webster Ave. in Merrick, NY,  both born in November, 1946, both married to a Sandra B. Probert.

Merrick, NY has an approximate population of 22,000 people.

Jeffrey P. Utz, who very briefly held a restricted medical license and since then has claimed to be a pediatrician, claims there is absolutely no evidence that Probert was disbarred.

Utz also claims there is no evidence that 'silicon implants ever harmed anyone.'

Click here to see how ludicrous that is!

So much for his credibility!

I have a very full life and although I have not posted on Usenet for several months during which Probert continued to attack me.

Utz and Wirsen and others from Barrett's Quackwatch team continue to deny Probert's professional failures ... instead, they malign and libel me.

Because of their actions, I am now posting the public records to prove that the Quackwatch propagandist, Mark S. Probert was indeed disbarred. On Usenet, Probert has admitted his birthday in November, 1946.

He has oft spoken of his wife, Sandra B. Probert and his children and told family 'stories' about them on Usenet publicly.

#1 ... Evidence of Mark S. Probert residing on Webster Ave. in Merrick, NY. being disbarred.




Date Of Birth:


























Agency Information Current Through:



Database Last Updated:



Update Frequency:



Current Date:






Currency Status:



Licensing Agency:



License/Certification Type:



License Number:



Issue Date:



License Status:



License State:




#2 ... Evidence of Mark S. and Sandra B. Probert residing on Webster Ave. in Merrick, NY. taken from a separate court record  at the same address as the disbarred Mark S. Probert


























Date Of Birth:








1698 WEBSTER AVE   (former address-not current)










To believe Probert and Wirsen and Utz and the others who continue to claim that the Mark S Probert from this group, The Rag-tag Posse

was not disbarred ... one would have to believe:

1 - there are 2 Mark S. Proberts who have lived at the same address on Webster Avenue in Merrick, NY

2 - Both are married to a Sandra B. Probert

3 - Both were born in November, 1946

Interestingly enough, the same people who repeat Probert's denials, also believe other propaganda disseminated by the Quackwatch.com team.



Update on 3.3.2005

I removed this webpage after I first received an answer from Sandra Probert last November.

Now that she is posting our correspondence on Usenet with links to this page ... I am republishing it.

Apparently she wants to re-open this topic to the Internet.

She apparently is an owner of the Ilena Rosenthal Fan Club ... just one of several vehicles Mark's Leaders from the Quackbuster Sites are using to attempt to destroy my good name. For further information of the high profile law suit Barrett lost to me ... and that is now in the Supreme Court of California for one comment I made on Terry Polevoy, click here.

Her husband has been even more obnoxious than usual .... and I even doubt that she herself is posting. However, if her husband is forging her signature, that they will have to work out together.

Since last October, my gut feelings that Mark was involved with Terry Polevoy in his very frightening obsession of locating my whereabouts have been confirmed. I actually have a copy of the Private Investigator's Report they hired to hunt me down and their admittance that they were lying about the reason to stalk me in the postings to their Club.

Mark was joined with them in a now removed Yahoo Group, SBIPrivateClub, which involvedseveral of Polevoy and Barrett's teammates in stalking me and some friends of mine, and apparently illegally attempting to access my bank accounts.

Here is an explanation of who they are.

Click here to read the Supreme Court document.

I found it extremely hard to believe that in the series of emails sent to Anti-Amalgam Activist, Mrs. Jan Drew under her name, Sandra Probert's claims of sharing this webpage with her high school class.

Here is the Supreme Court Disbarment Ruling.

Although the Supreme Court forbids him from giving legal opinions, he continues to do so, typically supporting the legal claims of the Quackwatch.com team of which he is a part.




183 A.D.2d 282; 590 N.Y.S.2d 747

November 9, 1992, Decided


Disciplinary proceedings instituted by the Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District. Respondent was admitted to the Bar on February 15, 1978, at a term of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Second Judicial Department, under the name Mark S. Probert.

DISPOSITION: Ordered that the petitioner's motion to impose discipline upon the respondent based upon his failure to appear or answer is granted; and it is further,

HEADNOTES: Attorney and Client - Disciplinary Proceedings

Respondent attorney, who is charged with 22 counts of failing to cooperate with investigations of alleged misconduct by the Grievance Committee, and who has failed to answer or appear, is disbarred.


Frank A. Finnerty, Jr., Westbury (Muriel L. Gennosa of counsel), for petitioner.

JUDGES: Mangano, P. J., Thompson, Bracken, Sullivan and Harwood, JJ., concur.

Ordered that the petitioner's motion to impose discipline upon the respondent based upon his failure to appear or answer is granted; and it is further,

Ordered that pursuant to Judiciary Law § 90, effective immediately, the respondent, Mark Probert, is disbarred and his name is stricken from the roll of attorneys and counselors-at-law; and it is further,

Ordered that the respondent shall continue to comply with this Court's rules governing the conduct of disbarred, suspended and resigned attorneys (22 NYCRR 691.10); and it is further,

Ordered that pursuant to Judiciary [***2] Law § 90, the respondent, Mark Probert, is commanded to continue to desist and refrain (1) from practicing law in any form, either as principal or as agent, clerk or employee of another, (2) from appearing as an attorney or counselor-at-law before any court, Judge, Justice, board, commission or other public authority, (3) from giving to another an opinion as to the law or its application or any advice in relation thereto, and (4) from holding himself out in any way as an attorney and counselor-at-law.

OPINIONBY: Per Curiam.

OPINION: [*282]

[**747] By decision and order of this Court dated September 29, 1989, the respondent was suspended from the practice of law until the further order of this Court based upon his failure to cooperate with the Grievance Committee. By further order of this Court dated June 4, 1992, the Grievance Committee was authorized to institute and prosecute a disciplinary proceeding [*283] against the respondent and the Honorable Moses M. Weinstein was appointed as Special Referee.

[**748] A notice of petition and petition was personally served upon the respondent on July 2, 1992. No answer was forthcoming. The petitioner now moves to hold the [***3] respondent in default. The motion was personally served upon the respondent on August 14, 1992. The respondent has failed to submit any papers in response to the default motion.

The charges involve 22 counts of the respondent's failure to cooperate with the Grievance Committee in its investigations into complaints of professional misconduct.

The charges, if established, would require the imposition of a disciplinary sanction against the respondent. Since the respondent has chosen not to appear or answer in these proceedings, the charges must be deemed established. The petitioner's motion to hold the respondent in default and impose discipline is, therefore, granted. Accordingly, the respondent is disbarred and his name is stricken from the roll of attorneys and counselors-at-law, effective immediately.


My correspondence to Sandra Probert ... more than 3 years after her husband, disguised as a woman, attempted to infiltrate my support group.


Sent to:  SProber@nycboe.net


Dearest Mrs. Probert,

This is my third attempt to communicate directly with you.

The first mail I sent to this address, was returned to me unsent. This was a few weeks ago. There was a note about too many links and to please send to sandraprobert@hotmail.com.

So I did, and yesterday received this, which it appears, was from your husband coming from your hotmail account. I wonder if you are aware of this.

My only solution is to make a webpage and send you this link with my original letter (from several weeks ago now). Nothing has improved in his behavior towards me in the interim. After receiving the message from him from your Hotmail account, there seems to be no doubt anymore than I have located the correct Mrs. Mark S. Probert.

May God bless you.

Here is the original email to you.



November 2, 2004

Dearest Mrs. Probert,

I am writing to you because I believe you are the wife of Mark S. Probert of Merrick, NY, and active Publicist of the Quackwatch.com "Ragtag Posse" and the Healthfraud group on the internet.

Mark has denied this ...and if in fact this is true, would you please accept my apology. You can just drop me a quick note to let me know that you are not his wife nor the Mother of Noah and Josh that he has spoken about on Usenet for years.

If you are she ... then Mark has probably let you know that I have warned him several times over the last few years to leave me alone and that I would contact you should his harassment continue.

Recently, I have told him multiple times that if he continued lying about me and the Humantics Foundation, I would ask your assistance to get him to stop libeling me.

His refuses.

In fact, last nite he sent me several personal email messages in direct disregard of my telling him to never email me.

The best way to introduce myself to you is through our Foundation webpage  --  www.BreastImplantAwareness.org.

The lies and fantasies that Mark is currently spreading about me ... I no longer have any patience for.

Since Mark is such an active and aggressive participant in the Posse mentioned above, I am certain you have heard of the lawsuit against Dr. Hulda Clark and several other defendants. I am one of the defendants ... the reason I fully and firmly believe your husband has made me one of his Usenet targets for over three years. Details on the losses of two of the three Plaintiffs against me are here.

The third Plaintiff, Terry A. Polevoy, also from Mark's group, and I are currently in battle in the Supreme Court of California. Their Posse has waged a disgusting Smear Campaign against all of the Defendants ... your husband being one of the most constant and brutal.

If you read this page I created in response to his attacks, you will see that he attempted to infiltrate my email support group for women sick from their breast implants, and when caught, made up a tale that was totally fictitious, and very revealing about himself. NO ONE from my group knew anything about him ... the story he made up about "27 emails" was entirely from his brain.

Barrett & Polevoy's "Ragtag Posse" expanded after their initial loss to me in Superior Court in 2001 and their attacks against me became more vicious. The head of "Quackwatch" Dr. Stephen Barrett, hides behind scenes and uses people like your husband and "Willa "Nana Weedkiller" Nidiffer" and others to relentlessly attack publicly his critics and those he is suing. Terry Polevoy ... the third plaintiff, was recently unveiled on Usenet posing as a woman to attack me and the other defendants and advertise his own Hate Website, healthwatcher.net. Here are 50 posts of his "in drag" ... a common Smear Campaign technique. He attacked me and others he is suing, and advertised for himself. Just this week, Mark was doing PR for him.

Mark's Posse (Barrett called them "guerrillas" in the past) has rules for everyone but themselves. Your husband has called me at my home office and threatened me ... he has attempted to infiltrate my support group for women harmed by breast implants and when caught, made up a whopper as his "reason."

After this happened, I made a webpage in response to his continal harassment ... under his own and various aliases he has taken. It is called:


There is nothing either too personal or too untrue that Mark publishes about me.

Recently he has been calling me a "dominatrix" and lied that our Humantics Foundation is "defunct" and "bankrupt."

This is a fond desire and goal of the Ragtag Posse ... as I have already beaten two of the three plaintiffs both at the Superior Court and the Appeals Court levels. However, despite years of their barrages, infiltrations, and attacks, we are NOT defunct, as Mark continues to repeat to this day.


If you are interested in seeing these comments your husband has written very recently about us, here are just 24 ... out of hundreds if not thousands by now.


Results 1 - 24 of 24 for group:misc.health.alternative dominatrix author:mark

Sample: One example from above:

Probert@lumbercartel.com wrote:

"Ilena Rose" <ilena@san.rr.com> in her official capacity as the Dominatrix of the Humantics Foundation, which is delicensed and currently defunct ..."


Here is the defintion (though I doubt I need to let an English Teacher know this) of dominatrix:

a dominating woman, especially one
who takes the sadistic role in
sadomasochistic sexual activities.

As far as "defunct" ... we are not ... although I believe that my losing Plaintiffs and their Ragtag Posse Team would stop at nothing to make it so ... here is the State of California Data on us.

We maintain an active online support group and were recently quoted in the LA Times. Although this SLAPP suit has been devastating to us financially, we continue to provide support and information via our email group, website and newsgroup.

Mark has some very strange beliefs. He seems to have some twisted "truth" that this newsgroup is some island with no worldly connection.

He appears to believe that he can post anything he chooses that defames me ... attempt to infiltrate my support group, call my home/office with threats, but that my right to contact you is no longer "free speech."

Yesterday he opined:

"Ilena is not stupid, though. She knows that I consider contacting anyone outside of the newsgroup not to be free speech."

I disagree.

My family has been horrifically affected by this SLAPP suit against me ... in more ways than you could imagine.

Barrett very humbly calls himself "The Media" and indeed, uses every Propagandist trick in the book to advertise for himself and attempt to destroy his targets.

Just last evening, one of Mark's fellow Ragtag Posse Members who calls himself or "Cathy Credulous" or "Nana Weedkiller" and claims to be a nearly 80 year old woman named "Willa Nidiffer" ... again posted ugly sexual references to who he believes is my husband. After announcing the Appeals Court decision one year ago, this same Publicist for Barrett & Polevoy published a web claiming I was "arrested for crack cocaine." Mark works closely with this Publicist, often teaming up with him (his real name is Ted Nidiffer) to bash and insult and lie about me.

I will tell you ... especially last nite and the several emails he sent me personally ... that I believe your husband is terrified of you finding out how he spends hours every day bashing me and other targets of the "Ragtag Posse."

While he applauds his teammates posting filthy, libelous messages about me and others close to me ... he considers a contact with you, other than "free speech" and has posted many weakly veiled threats should I contact you. I no longer will be intimidated by him. Were he my husband and so obsessed with another woman, I would want to know.

If you wish any additional information from me ... please let me know. Mark will undoubtedly claim he is my victim, I am a stalker, and that I am a very ill woman. He has made these claims about me MANY times.

I assure you, I am none of the above.

I am a 56 year old woman who is a dedicated activist and advocate for women harmed by breast implants ... and those who believe in Medical Freedom.

We have a young son named Noah ... and no more than Mark wants you to read what I am sending you ... do I want my son or anyone else to read the continual stream of lies he publicly posts about me.

I have no doubt that you are a wonderful loving woman ... and I wish you no harm whatsoever.

My very best regards to you.

Ilena Rosenthal

Director, Humantics Foundation




Who he represents:

See Mark Probert

Their web sites:

A very small example of Mark's recent "work" on Usenet, click here.

He uses so many various aliases, it is difficult to track his thousands and thousands of posts.

P.S. Since I had to make a webpage to get this to you, if you would like me to remove it from the World Wide Web, just drop me a note from your school address. It seems Mark has control of your Hotmail account.

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