November 15, 2006

We received the very sad news today of the passing of one of our beloved Support Group members, Helen Wattier of Des Moines, Iowa.

Helen dedicated her life to service and always kept a sense of humor. Her life and passion was working with seniors.

Her husband David, has asked me to share his message with our support group.

Helen often signed her notes with Shalom ... Peace ... may she find it now.


To read Helen's obituary, please click here.

Hi Ilena, 

You do not know me but I am David Wattier, Helen Wattier's husband.

I have very sad news, Helen passed away last month. I apologize for not writing to you sooner. Your continued support has meant a lot to Helen, and also to me.

I realize I am a male but I do feel in touch with all of you and I do offer my support in anyway possible. I would appreciate staying on your distribution list.

I am keeping Helen's e-mail account active. 

Ilena, thank you for all you have done for Helen.

You are a very special person and your e-mails, and also e-mails from everyone else, gave Helen something to look forward to. She would share them with me and I believe it helped her realize that she was not alone.

I guess I do owe you an explanation of her passing.... Helen' health has been failing for the last 10 years. The last 4 years she continued to work as an Activity Director at a nursing home, but then would come home and be in bed by 5:00 pm for the evening and would fall asleep by 8:00 pm.

The last 4 months she was asleep by 6:00 pm. No strength and you know about the pain. 

Monday 3:00 am - 10/16/06 - Helen complained of a terrible headache and her eye really hurt. She was gone in 1/2 hour. The Doctor explained that it was a brain aneurysm. He did not have an exact reason why, but said there was some foreign tissue near the area. 

Ilena, I would appreciate you sharing the news of the passing of Helen to the others that Helen so dearly loved. Thank you. 

My love and prayers to all of you. 



To send a message to Helen's husband, David, please click below.

I was just re-reading Helen's last emails to our group. Her doctors had never heard of silicone going to the lungs, but we certainly have.

In fact, beloved country singer Tammy Wynette died of a pulmonary embolism after years of serious health problems. Here are a few studies:

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syndrome following mammary augmentation. Am J Med Sci 275, 81-5.

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Helen Wattier

Excerpts from Helen's Testimony on her experiences with breast implants, written September, 1999.

I hope I will make a difference in someone’s life. I wish there had been someone who could have helped me 25 years ago.


He removed both implants, both were leaking and ruptured and they found more tissue and pre cancer cells, fast growing cells, silicone and many other things I did not understand. I went to a women general surgeon and she backed him up so in 11-96 I had a mastectomy, bilateral, with expanders placed under the muscle. I ended up having 3 office surgeries to close because of infection.

After 13 surgeries and being ill most of that time I am tired, they have found I have fibermyalgia my hands and whole body hurt all the time, this I feel is from the silicone leakage, because that is when it began.. I see my life as shortened, and every day I have to fight to survive. I still work because that keeps my mind busy and me busy.


Click here for Helen's full testimony.

Here are excerpts from Helen's last emails, days before her death.



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