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We have dedicated April 1, 2007 as

Breast Implant Survivors Day

  Hello, my name is Dede.

Here's my letter to Michael Moore.

I have been very  ill since the early 90's.    

I've had trouble with my heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, immune system, muscular system, neurological system, and endocrine system. 

All my tests go up and down, and nothing makes sense, nothing is in the usual statistics,  and current medical science does not know what is going on or how to treat it.   

Through our online support group, I have met many other women like me, and we all have a common denominator, we have had breast implants of some kind.

We know that they have a multitude of chemicals that make up their existance.

Even sadder, there are babies born with the same illnesses, and their common denominator is they are born to mothers that had exposure to implants with those chemicals. We need lots of research, and a cure. 

Have a bright and shiny day ~  Dede

please read my letter below to Michael Moore.

Dear Michael Moore:

I was a medical professional for 26 years. Now I’m completely disabled and struggling to live. This is a long, complicated story. I would appreciate it if you would take time to read it.

This last 22 months has been the worst time of my life........

I’ve been in the hospital 7 times.

I’ve had 6 major surgical procedures.

I’ve been shocked 12 times with my pacemaker/defibrillator.

At the beginning of this 22 month saga . . . . .

My heart and major organs went out and I got very sick.

I was told it was important it was to find out why my heart got so bad. (This is written on the cardiac catherization report I have.)

Then they realized I was trying to get disability, that I didn’t have it yet, and that I had no income or insurance.

So, important tests were cancelled and I was sent home. No one asked me if I had money. They just assumed I didn’t. To me, this is proof they only were interested in money, not in my health.

I was told I needed a heart transplant and, because I had no money, I wasn’t even going to be put on a waiting list.

I just listened.....and was saddened.

I was told my heart was too weak for surgery to repair the valves or for a transplant, so it didn’t matter.

I was told that I had less than a 30 percent chance that my heart would ever get any stronger. You see, I had dilated cardiomyopathy with less than 20 percent ejection fraction (heart pumping), severe mitral valve regurgitation, and moderate to severe tricuspid regurgitation.

When I asked what my out look was, I was told that I would fill with fluid and have repeated trips to the hospital ER to remove fluid until I died.

I was extremely offended how they were basically throwing me out, stopping critical medical care, and taking all hope away from me – Along with my dignity and pride.

I told the cardiologist, that I’d better hurry up and get a job, so I can pay these medical bills, he said, “Yes you should.”

I asked the internal medicine doctor if I could go home and mow my lawn, he said I could do what ever I “felt up to doing”. They sent me home hopeless ...

... And very sad.

I continued to get worse, so two months later, they put in a pacemaker/defibrillator.

Well, I did have repeated visits to the hospital. My biggest problem was pain in my right side that extended to my back - secondary fluid retention.

I had a couple hospital visits for kidney and liver failure as well as edema.

On one hospital visit, I took my medical records with me. I asked the attending doctor twice if he wanted to see them. He refused. This ended up in disaster, as they put me in ICU and administered dopamine because my heart had slowed way down (as it frequently does). I begged for them not to give me dopamine for over 2 hours! The dopamine almost killed me! NEVER should a patient with a device or SVT's be given dopamine! I spent over 36 torturous hours in a glass cubical with tubes, oxygen and wires. I was scared. My whole body shook hard because my heart was overworked from that dangerous drug. This would not have happened if he would have looked at the medical records I offered him twice.

Finally, another doctor discovered that all the right-side back pain I was had, was pancreatitis the whole time! A simple blood test showed this! Even though my symptoms were classic for pancreatitis, they failed to test me. I had been suffering with pancreatitis pain off and on for over a year before they finally tested me. This is terribly cruel to do to someone!

I had a cancerous polyp removed from my colon. That went well. I think...

I had a lung function test done. They said I had moderate to severe lung obstruction without emphysema.

When I saw a lung specialist, and he got hung up on the fact I had a previous silicone breast implant rupture and many subsequent surgeries. He ranted and raved on the safety of silicone. How silicone is inert . . . and that all the negative hype was so women could sue, so they and the attorneys could get lots of free money.

Then he gave me some medicine and told me to use it every day as a preventative . . . that I would breathe better . . . and it was only a couple hundred a month . . . but well worth my money.

After using it once, I spent the next 24 hours with my heart racing almost out of my chest. I looked it up in the PDR. This drug is dangerous and is not to be given to a heart patient that has ventricular tachycardia. This medicine is for people with breathing problems or asthma. Neither of which I have.

I had some fluctuating thyroid tests while in the hospital. My cardiologist felt this was critical to my heart, so he sent me to an Endocrinologist.

The Endocrinologist gave me a lab slip and said she would see me after the tests. I never saw her again. The tests had nothing to do with the problem I went to see her about. She had a nurse tell me the results . . . which was something I could read myself as I had a copy of them in my hand. I never saw this doctor again. For this, I was charged $1000 dollars! She never saw me or put things together for me. The problem is still there. Her nurse told me to make an appointment for a follow-up in 3 months.

I made the appointment. Then I canceled it. I didn’t feel like getting reamed again by someone that was only stealing from me.

My heart device went off 10 days ago - ventricular fibrillation. I received almost 5,000 volts to my chest - actually whole upper body. It still didn’t correct the arrhythmia. My heart didn’t pump at all. It just spasmed for 9 minutes and 58 seconds! I almost didn’t make it this time.........

Yesterday I got a certified letter from the Endocrinologist with a bill for $188.00 - the portion that Medicare didn’t cover, . . . and firing me as a patient because I haven’t paid the balance she says I owe. I guess she didn’t realize I fired her the minute I cancelled my appointment. She didn’t do her job in the first place. I consider the treatment I received at her facility was grossly negligent and therefore, malpractice – as well as a waste of my time and money.

All the doctors have known from the outset that I am very ill. They know I am on disability, have no job, and no income. Do they really think I poop money?

If I had been treated properly in the beginning . . . If they found out why my heart and other organs were shutting down . . . Could I have gotten well? Would I be living a fairly normal life right now and able to earn a living? I will never know. I have been cheated that privilege!

One of my goals in life is to help put a stop to inhumane medical treatment as well as deceptive, medical malpractice and injustice. Many doctors are just advertising and pushing drugs for the pharmaceutical companies.

They give symptoms a name and call it a diagnosis. Then they give it an ICD9 code number so, on paper, it becomes an illness with a payable insurance code.

They make a drug for it, and, magically, we have a disease and a drug for the disease. . . . After that come the side effects. But, the drug company hero's have drugs for those too.

This story doesn’t include the 10 years during which I had a ruptures silicone gel implant with free floating silicone, resulting in multiple surgeries to remove the cysts, clogged lymph nodes, and gangrene.

I pray one day I be well enough to start a non-profit . . . to help change things so people are actually treated humanely . . . and medical care becomes just that, medical care, rather than paper pushing, drug pushing, by a greedy group of control freaks . . . who are protected by our loving and honest government.

God Bless America!



I love what you do Michael !



Please Forgive Me 

~ by Dede     


As I wake up in my bed

mornings so horrible,

I so dread.

Thoughts of loved ones,

family and friends,

give me strength that never ends.

Migranes,stiff neck,sciatica too.....

I'd rather be a bird in a zoo.

Elbows, legs,and feet on fire....

Walking on hot glass

is not my desire...

Thoughts of grandkids

on my mind,

give me strength

to get up this time.

Kidney pain,bladder spasms,nausea too.......

stand up,sit down,what do I do...?

My mouth is watering

grab the can....

this is aweful,

I dont understand ...!

Please forgive me,

if I let go......

This is so hard on me,

much more than you know.

Seizures woke me

in the night.....

They were so profound

it caused me fright  !

My jaw dislocated

when I went to sneeze....

Pain so intense......

I dropped to my knees,

I am falling apart...........

GOD help me please


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